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A $30 deposit is required to secure your spot on our next scheduled pick-up, and if you have 15 or more blankets, the deposit is applied to your final invoice.

You are always welcome to bring your blankets to us and drop them off at our location with no deposit required.


Blankets are tagged, washed, and any repairs needed are made before the blankets are bagged and returned to the pick-up location (your home, your barn, etc.) on the next scheduled round.

We can also apply a waterproofing treatment at your request.

Unless arrangements are made, all invoices will need to be paid prior to delivery or personal retrieval.


We have also made improvements to our blanket staging, where your blankets will be kept while waiting to be washed or picked up, so they will not be subjected to the weather and elements (especially the damaging sun rays).

We are happy to offer referral credits to your invoice too! When you refer us new customers, we will credit 10% of their invoice total to yours - so keep referring your friends and family!


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